Saturday, 10 May 2014

For all the times you'll share...Possibly the cutest pet video EVER. From Pets at Home :)

I'm a big softie when it comes to animals, especially the cuddly varieties, so I absolutely have to share this cute video with you! It's so sweet that I know many of you will LOVE it!! Courtesy of Pets at Home, it's made of of customer's own pet clips via #mypetmoments & it's WONDERFUL!!!
NB Called For all the times you'll Share, it was released only TODAY! Aah!!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Mellow Baku, a new British jazz sensation in the making!

Went to a great gig the other evening, at Leicester's Regent Jazz Club. Mellow Baku, a singer I'd never come across previously, was playing with the Rod Kelly Band and a magnificent set they produced too as evidenced by her first official video;

If you're at a loose end anytime I thoroughly recommend seeing this lady. Without doubt a new British jazz star in the making, Mellow by name & mellow by nature!
Mellow Baku & The Rod Kelly Band, L-R Rod Kelly (keyboards),
Paula Robinson (bass), Marcus Joseph (sax), Andrew Sime (drums)
Heartfelt jazz renditions from Mellow Baku

Smooth jazz vocals of Mellow Baku
Mellow Baku in performance
Mellow Baku, a new British jazz sensation in the making