Monday, 18 June 2018

The Cank Street Gallery Summer Open Art Exhibition 2018


The walls are amass with colour as creativity dazzled around every corner of the Cank Street Gallery at Thursday's Private View.  Hundreds gathered and drank the bar dry by 7.15pm as we arrived!  Tim, Anetha & myself captured a glimpse of the atmosphere on such a fabulous evening.

My entry 'The Globe,' £295

Anetha Hunte & Lizzy Hewitt

Lizzy Hewitt artist

Artist Sue Graham with her landscape
Lizzy Hewitt, Judith Linley & Anetha Hunte

Maryam Naraghi, Lizzy Hewitt & Anethe Hunte

Maryam Naraghi with her daughters

Tim Noakes

Gallery Staff Stefan (left) chats with artist Linda Sharman (2nd from right)
Artists Jim Griffiths (left) and Paul Barrand

Visitors enjoy an extensive selection of artworks
A visitor enjoys a view of 2nd prize winners work,
George Sfougaras for Yiayia (Grandmother)