Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday in the park with the family

Leicester has a reputation for being an unappealing, concrete city. As all cities this can't help but be true in part but thankfully there is so much more to see and to enjoy here.
The city's parks are magnificent and as Max and I live in one of the older city areas, Clarendon Park, we have a natural expanse of parkland right on our doorstep, a leafy barrier that separates us from the city itself.
But when we feel the need to get in touch with our wilder side, then Leicester is exceptionally well provided.
Bradgate Park is located north of the city. Part of Charnwood Forest, Bradgate was once a medieval deer park. The unfortunate Lady Jane Grey lived her early life here and much later when the Grey family bequeathed Bradgate to be enjoyed by the people of Leicester, it was here that David Attenborough failed to find fossils. It's also where Max and I come to unwind.
When the family comes around a park is an obvious place to visit; whatever the weather and whatever the season the park always has something to offer. And as you can see, we're not the only ones to love it :-)

Lizzy enjoys a last burst of summer sunshine in Bradgate Park.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Great advertising by nutty local knitters!

What better way to advertise?
A knitted bollard cover could add colour to 
Brussels' bronze 'peeing dog'!
Out and about around Clarendon Park, I chanced upon a craft shop on Queens Road called 'Knit One'.
I'm not a knitter but my attention was captured by a couple of unique and colourful bollard covers. Knitted, of course.
What fun! Presumably made by the unquestionably creative managers of the shop, the bollards edge the pavement outside 'Knit One' and the woolly bollard jackets not only advertise the shop but show what can be achieved with wool, a sense of humour and a little imagination.
My only question, one which presently remains unanswered, is whether the cosy bollard blankets shrink in the rain or when local dogs chance to raise their leg? 
Or perhaps these attractively crafted covers put them off their aim?
Let's hope so :)

A taste of the country in the city - courtesy of nutty knitters