Saturday, 30 June 2012

My first exhibition, at West End Gallery, Leicester!

Lizzy Hewitt's first exhibition, to be held at West End Gallery, Leicester

Such excitement in the House of Hewitt! 
Leicester's marvellous West End Gallery has agreed to hold an exhibition of my newest work, 'A Right Royal Street Party', together with earlier portraits!
It'll be my first ever exhibition!
Details have still to be finalised but we're looking initially at a two week period in July to be followed by a further two weeks if all goes well. Beyond that, who knows?!
Having said for years that I should widen my product range to allow more people to purchase and enjoy my artworks, my agent is in seventh heaven at the prospect of finally selling posters and prints of my paintings. 
I'm pretty pleased about it too!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Right Royal Street Party!!

A Right Royal Street Party by Lizzy Hewitt, June 2012

So here it is at last, my newest & most challenging painting ever, A Right Royal Street Party, featuring many of Britain's senior Royals at their very own Diamond Jubilee bash at Buckingham Palace.
Queen Elizabeth is seated in a comfy chair at the head of the table, G&T to hand, watching horse-racing on TV. Her butler is phoning through her bets.
DOE is shooting. He has a First Aid kit in his hunting jacket, a reference to recent ill-health & hospital admissions.
The younger Royals are dancing in a conga line, Harry leading with cymbals, William & Kate following, with Beatrice & Eugenie behind in their well-known headgear.
As for the rest, well, enlarge the image & see who you can spot!
Summer 2012 is a special, very British, occasion and I wanted to create something out of the ordinary to celebrate all that's happening.
I hope you feel I've pulled it off!
PS A Right Royal Street Party will be exhibited in Leicester soon! More details as available.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Teaser 2: Dogs just wanna have fun

Dogs just wanna have fun!
Except for a few changes the new painting is finished!
My agent says if I want to be a new Giles (had to look up that reference!) the characters must be recognisable, and, well, a few of them aren't, quite, yet.
Giles was a master and I want to get the thing right, so here's another little teaser for you meantime :)
Do you know what it is yet?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New painting teaser!

New painting teaser; who is kissing who & what's the occasion?
The secret's out! My new picture is almost finished and here's a teaser; see if you can identify the characters and work out the likely subject!
If all continues to go well I'll be revealing the entire painting in just a few days.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Leicestershire & Rutland Life double page feature!!

Leicestershire & Rutland Life, June 2012
Out of the blue I find my work is featured in the prestigious Leicestershire & Rutland Life magazine for June!
With four pictures!
A whole double-page spread! 
In the past I've taken photos for the publication but it's even better to appear in it myself!
I am SO chuffed!!