Sunday, 14 September 2014

Amy Winehouse bronze unveiled in Camden Market by actor chum Barbara Windsor

Amy Winehouse by Scott Eaton. Photo by the sculptor.
Amy is shown with her trademark beehive.
Photo by Hannah McKay for EPA. With thanks.
Amy Winehouse at last has a statue in her old stomping ground of Camden. An impressive full-sized bronze by sculptor Scott Eaton, it stands in Stables Market unveiled by Amy's actor chum & patron of the Amy Winehouse FoundationBarbara Windsor, on what would have been Amy's 31st birthday.

Commissioned by Amy's dad, Mitch Winehouse, the singer is presented in her trademark beehive, Star of David locket and high heels. The public will have the opportunity to interact with the statue by putting flowers in her hair, as seen at the unveiling.

For those many fans who liked to believe Amy had not died, this statue finally makes her death real; statues, after all, are not erected to the living. Now fans from around the world will have a focus for their adoration of the Back to Black singer who had simply one of the best jazz soul voices ever heard.