Tuesday, 24 December 2013

T'was the Night before Christmas... so HAPPY HOLIDAY!!

Disasters Emergency Committee
Christmas is the only time of year you'll catch me talking on the topics of religion or politics.

So much horror has taken place in the world this past year; famine, disease, terror, disaster, war; the horsemen of the apocalypse are once again upon us.

Yet we ordinary souls can do much to prevent situations from worsening & help them to improve; our voices & our money can make a real difference. 

Time & again we've seen essential supplies provided through the Overseas Development Agencies & Non-Governmental Organisations of the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), together with specialist organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, save hundreds of thousands of lives. But better still & more long-lasting, our raised voices can influence decision-makers & ensure wars & terror are brought to an end.

This Christmas I'll be contributing to the DEC, helping to support its work, world-wide. And I'll be hoping & praying for peace. I hope you will too.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!! from Lizzy & Mitch x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Yuletide Exhibition comes to an end as Christmas approaches

'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide 
Art Exhibition at the 
Ellerington Gallery, Leicester
The Yuletide Art Exhibition at Ellerington's Gallery has been in full swing for two months. A good number of my family and friends have popped in over recent weeks and apparently enjoyed the experience, in particular the mix of drawings & Christmas goodies; skillfully made jewellery, beautifully colourful ceramics, delicate metalwork & luxurious fabrics gathered for the event.

Coming at it cold I'm rather impressed by the second of my drawings, of a wobbly Big Ben. It's fun - more fun than my drawing of Notre Dame, possibly because Big Ben is such a familiar structure. My 'Jelly' Ben now even makes me laugh! And as Louise says, one day someone will fall in love with it & buy it :)

Liz Hewitt's Gaudi-inspired drawing of
wobbly Big 'Jelly' Ben!

Lizzy Hewitt & her Gaudi-inspired drawing of
Notre Dame at 'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide Exhibition,
Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, Leicester
Arguably the most important corner
of the Yuletide Exhibition!

Ellerington Gallery looks warm & inviting,
 lit up to welcome Christmas visitors

Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Photos make the Nationals!

Admiring the stately Parish Church of St Mary in Melton Mowbray (despoiled by Cromwell & working home to organist Sir Malcolm Sargent for a decade from 1914) with good friend Duncan in the middle of the afternoon, the last thing I expected was to receive a call from the picture editor of the Daily Telegraph.

To local snappers like me, who in the main take feature & PR pictures, getting a call from one of the national newspapers is a SERIOUSLY BIG DEAL! If my photos were used in a major news story they could be seen by a huge audience, would possibly also appear online and might bring in some unexpected and much-needed cash!

Liz Hewitt's photos appeared in the Daily Telegraph, 15.11.13.
To cut a long story short, I'd taken some shots of a Leicestershire businessman & his wife who were now engaged in a multi-£ million divorce battle - and no-one had any pictures of the pair. Except me.

The Leicester Mercury was the Daily Telegraph's first port of call. They sent the Telegraph a snap with my by-line. So here they were, asking how soon I could send through the picture as they'd like it for next day's paper!

Liz Hewitt's photos appeared in the Daily Mail & online, 15.11.13.
I didn't time the drive back to Leicester but I doubt I've ever managed it more quickly! It was close to 5pm when I found the picture files. A couple of years old, I could see they were good, a smiling portrait of the couple taken originally for the Mercury's lifestyle magazine.

I emailed the files across to the Telegraph and relaxed only once the picture desk confirmed receipt. Phew! It wasn't the most pleasant of news stories with which to be associated but that's the business I'm in.

Laying back on the sofa with a much needed cuppa, the phone went again, "Hello. Is that Liz Hewitt? It's the Daily Mail picture desk here..."

Liz Hewitt's photos appeared in the Daily Express & online, 5.12.13.

The photos finally appeared in;
The Daily Telegraph, Friday 15.11.
The Daily Mail, Friday 15.11 & online
The Daily Express, Thursday 5.12 & online
The Leicester Mercury. 5.12 & online

Thursday, 7 November 2013

More nutty knitters from around the World!

What is it about nutty knitters that so engages the public? It is the touchy-feely-ness, the unusual look of these things in the street, the involvement of lots of the public in public art, the colour, or the sheer barmy-ness of knitting around trees, lamp posts and other features & public places?

One thing's for sure, I've never had so many comments as I did after the first post that featured Leicester's knitted bollard-jackets and the like (here), so much so that I've sought out some more crazy knitted art projects from around the world for you to enjoy. All express art in its communal, public sense. So get out there and get knitting now!

Tree knit, Cleveland, USA
Tree knit, Austin, Texas, USA

Tree knit, Durban, South Africa

Tree knit, Reykjavik, Iceland
USA Knit Knot Tree
Tree knits, Helsinki, Finland
Tree restoration knit,
Walkenswaard, Netherlands
Tree knit, Eumundi, Australia
Tree knit, Sao Paulo, Brazil
With thanks to all the photographers of all the above pictures. We tried to find your identities, without success. If you'd care to provide them we'll very happily credit you :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Louise Ellerington, 'Strange Imaginings' & Simon the Framer

'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide
Art Exhibition at the
Ellerington Gallery, Leicester
Louise Ellerington is a well established & inspiring Leicester figurative artist who has recently set up her own gallery, Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, on Clarendon Park Road, just around the corner from my home.

I've long admired Louise's ethereal, renaissance style paintings presented in a modern light. I see her as a 'real' painter, although she laughs at the idea! So I'm flattered by Louise's wish to include my work in her new gallery's first Yuletide Exhibition.

In turns out the exhibition is going to be a bigger deal that I'd thought; it features the mystical work of notable & award-winning illustrator, Wayne Anderson, plus Luke Farookhi and includes mainly drawings but also jewellery & Christmas gifts.

With only a few artists chosen to exhibit, I was honoured to be asked and went away to create a Gaudi-inspired Notre Dame Cathedral & Big Ben, drawings I'd previously begun but never had the inclination to develop further.

Then it was a mad dash to Leicester's 'Simon the Framer' to get the pictures into an exhibitable state and down to the gallery. As always, simple framing improves the appearance of the drawings immeasurably. Thanks, Simon!

The Yuletide Exhibition runs until Christmas Eve. Full details & Louise's work can be found at www.louiseellerington.co.uk

The Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester,
location of the Yuletide Exhibition which runs until Christmas Eve.
Leicester's Simon the Framer mounts & frames Lizzy's
exhibition drawing. With permission.

Lizzy with her framed, Gaudi-inspired drawing of Notre Dame Cathedral

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Yuletide Exhibition in the run-up to Christmas at Leicester's Ellerington Fine Art Gallery

'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide Art Exhibition at the Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, Leicester.
26 October - 24 December 2013
Ooh, now here's a thing! 
This ivy & pox-covered green man, for that's what he purports to be, is advertising a Yuletide art exhibition at Louise Ellerington's Leicester gallery in the run-up to the festive season - and I'm invited to take part!
I know little more than the details on the promo card at the moment, that the expo is called 'Strange Imaginings' and will be held at the Ellerington Fine Art Gallery 
on Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, from 26 October to 24 December.
More when I have it :)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday in the park with the family

Leicester has a reputation for being an unappealing, concrete city. As all cities this can't help but be true in part but thankfully there is so much more to see and to enjoy here.
The city's parks are magnificent and as Max and I live in one of the older city areas, Clarendon Park, we have a natural expanse of parkland right on our doorstep, a leafy barrier that separates us from the city itself.
But when we feel the need to get in touch with our wilder side, then Leicester is exceptionally well provided.
Bradgate Park is located north of the city. Part of Charnwood Forest, Bradgate was once a medieval deer park. The unfortunate Lady Jane Grey lived her early life here and much later when the Grey family bequeathed Bradgate to be enjoyed by the people of Leicester, it was here that David Attenborough failed to find fossils. It's also where Max and I come to unwind.
When the family comes around a park is an obvious place to visit; whatever the weather and whatever the season the park always has something to offer. And as you can see, we're not the only ones to love it :-)

Lizzy enjoys a last burst of summer sunshine in Bradgate Park.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Great advertising by nutty local knitters!

What better way to advertise?
A knitted bollard cover could add colour to 
Brussels' bronze 'peeing dog'!
Out and about around Clarendon Park, I chanced upon a craft shop on Queens Road called 'Knit One'.
I'm not a knitter but my attention was captured by a couple of unique and colourful bollard covers. Knitted, of course.
What fun! Presumably made by the unquestionably creative managers of the shop, the bollards edge the pavement outside 'Knit One' and the woolly bollard jackets not only advertise the shop but show what can be achieved with wool, a sense of humour and a little imagination.
My only question, one which presently remains unanswered, is whether the cosy bollard blankets shrink in the rain or when local dogs chance to raise their leg? 
Or perhaps these attractively crafted covers put them off their aim?
Let's hope so :)

A taste of the country in the city - courtesy of nutty knitters

Friday, 23 August 2013

Factum Arte & the facsimile in art

Program presenter Roger Law
A friend told me about a relatively new radio programme on BBC called, WOW! How did they do that?
Presented by the colourful Spitting Image founder, Roger Law, the show features the people behind some of Britain's most outrageous and successful designs, inventions and events.
I'm now committed to every episode, convinced by the recent inclusion of Madrid-based Factum Arte, whose work in facsimiles, from the paintings of Caravaggio to Tutankhamun's tomb, jumped out of the radio in full- blown technicolor and whose website has to be one of the most fascinating and creatively interesting around. To be astonished see www.factum-arte.com

Two of the paintings by Caravaggio facsimiled by Factum Arte: 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

'Clueless' goes home

My painting, 'Clueless' commissioned by BBC broadcasters Tony Wadsworth and Julie Mayer has been on display at BBC Radio Leicester but the couple now have their painting hung at home. They were kind enough to send through this charming photo. Thanks guys!

Tony Wadsworth & Julie Mayer at home with 'Clueless' by Lizzy Hewitt

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Ingenious Thomas Heatherwick - on BBC iPlayer now!

Thomas Heatherwick
The BBC has once again delivered a corker of a TV programme in Alan Yentob's Imagine series. This one features the multitudinous talents of Thomas Heatherwick, architect, model-maker, sculptor and designer, probably best known for his rising copper cauldron for the 2012 London Olympic & Paralympic Games.

The programme, which features the development of his 'Garden Bridge' across the River Thames, brings into sharp focus the diverse talents of the man who's been called 'the Leonardo da Vinci of our times' by no less a figure than Terence Conran.

Mayor of London & new Routemaster bus

I had no idea Heatherwick was behind London's new Routemaster bus, or the Rolling Bridge at Paddington Basin. In fact I first heard of Heatherwick when his extraordinary Seed Cathedral, the UK Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, won RIBA's Lubetken Prize. 

Seed Cathedral / Expo 2010 / Shanghai

His work for UK and overseas institutions, transit authorities, tourism centers and hotels have until recently gone unnoticed by all but those in the know, but with a studio of around 100 specialists in London and offices overseas, Heatherwick's reputation and presence are growing, controversy notwithstanding.

He makes furniture, interiors, urban infrastructure, has designed the forthcoming Teeside Power Station, and Laverstoke Distillery, as well as an astonishing 'Learning Hub' for Singapore and a strategic new frontage for Guy's Hospital in London

The Unstoppable Thomas Heatherwick; on BBC iPlayer for another 3 days. Or look out for the Imagine repeats showing on BBCTV later in the year. One way or another, don't miss it!

Thomas Heatherwick's cauldron for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games

Saturday, 27 July 2013

New sketches

So like BB
My recent visit to the Scilly Isles provided a good deal of artistic inspiration: since I returned I've been working on a number of artworks which I'll doubtless bring to you in due course. Right now though I thought you might like to see some of my early sketches.

Comparing these with the more cartoon-like sketches on the rest of this site I can see how much my work has developed over recent months. This pleases me as I have no wish to keep on producing exactly the same work; I like the idea of my art always changing, always evolving.

Now it's becoming a little cooler I may go out and take some photos too. The hot weather has been glorious but it did make me so lethargic!
Comparison sketch from 2010

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ad hoc photographic course from Glen Tillyard!

Lizzy by Glen Tillyard
My award-winning photographer friend, Glen Tillyard, and I went to a photographic exhibition last week.
The weather was so good that we walked from my home to the exhibition in the centre of Leicester and as you can see, Glen brought his camera along.
Glen, who used to work as a photographer for the Leicester Mercury, is one of the best technically skilled photographers I know, so much so that he now runs popular courses in photography, manipulating and managing pictures.
Find details of his courses here: www.glentillyard.co.uk

Glen uses available resources for unusual images

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

An arty holiday on the Isles of Scilly

A kingdom in a lens: Lizzy gets creative.
Max and I are just back from a short holiday break on the Isles of Scilly, off Cornwall's south western-most tip.
The Islands weren't somewhere I particularly fancied going until I discovered they are hugely popular with artists: many live there and lots more visit as tourists to paint the sea views and the bird-life which proliferates.
So to my surprise, as well as soaking up the rays (getting my poor feet burned in the process!) I found lots to do and plenty of interesting things to see.

Great views everywhere!

Here's just a sample of the artwork and artists I found; it was inspiring to meet and see so many painting in such a small geographical area. If you'd like to know more about holidaying on the Scilly Isles visit simplyscilly.co.uk or scillyonline.co.uk

Prices vary but can be low

Fairies inspired by nature

Always plenty of sea views
In a range of painting styles

The coastal essence distilled
Meet the distiller!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Leicester Art House review & pictures

Leicester Art House went incredibly well! The artist exhibitors were surprised by the number of visitors across the weekend and in the interest they displayed in all the types of work available, some of which was of genuinely excellent quality.
The interest in my own work was gratifying and the number of posters and prints sold (plus an original!) far exceeded my hopes or expectations.
So with thanks to the art-loving home owners who make Art House possible, and to everyone who expressed interest or parted with their cash, here are a few of the photos taken at Art House last weekend.

Exhibitor Tim Fowler with some of his artworks

Visitors enjoy the craft works
Paul Griffiths & Alan Christopher
Lizzy with Tim & Carolyn who purchased a ''A Right Royal Street Party' poster
More visitors
Kehas Singh finds amusement in Lizzy's painting
Bev Hart admires 'Sidewalk Sweetie'
Dave Shelley & Aditee bought a signed limited edition print

Hilary Thompson &  Phoebe

Lizzy with Jem Coady & his purchase, 'Sidewalk Sweetie'
Helen Moore: some artists hide behind their work :)

Art House attracts visitors from Spain

Sophie Quinn with cutie Max
Lizzy & 'Sidewalk Sweetie' (with red dot!)
Sophie Hardwicke & Gareth Edwards with Lizzy: studied graphic design together at Derby Uni!