Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Having fun in oils!

Warning! New artwork experience! 
I've been doing some painting in a new medium. Oils! 
Strange as it may seem, I never, ever, worked in oils before, even during my fine arts degree course in Derby. I was probably always too keen on watercolour & acrylic... it was a long time ago & I can't remember for sure.
Anyway, with the help of some friends I decided to have a go and the image under is the result! It's based on Leicester's Victoria Park.
The painting has already been through a number of transitions so I doubt it'll look this way for long! Depending on how pleased I am with the end result, when it's completely finished I may post an up to date version of the work. 
Having lots of fun so far!!

Leicester's Vicky Park. By Lizzy Hewitt. Oils. Sept 2016.