Saturday, 18 November 2017

'Tall Limes' for sale at the Cank Street Gallery

Tall Limes by Lizzy Hewitt

Thrilled that my picture is for sale at the Cank Street Gallery together with an article published on the Friends of Victoria Park website and Facebook page and the Leicester Clarendon Park Community Online Community Facebook page!  Excited and slightly anxious at the prospect as I’m not a writer, I put on my best writing head and got some words together! Biggest thanks to their Chair, Doug Smith for publishing it for me. Hope you like it!  Here’s the link:

I think the biggest thing I learnt from oil painting classes was not necessarily getting the technique right but opening up my mind as an artist to be more expressive and explore new subject matter.  Taking a fine art approach and painting things I feel strongly about, issues such as mental health and evoking feelings and emotions is somewhere I’d like to go with future work.

The fundamentals of oil using expressive brush marks and applying thicker paint, I feel has made my watercolour work better and contributed to the success of ‘Tall Limes’.

My paintings of Victoria Park available at the Cank Street Gallery can be found here: