Friday, 23 June 2017

Leicester's Cank Street Gallery Summer Prize Giving, Thursday 8 June 2017

Cank Street Gallery was full to bursting for the occasion

Lizzy Hewitt with artist Louise Ellerington & Bev Hart
Lizzy with Dayle Flude, Cank Street Gallery owner

Max Ewen with Lizzy's watercolour entry, 
Sunbathers, Victoria Park

With Mark Hewitt, Lizzy's brother
Paul Berrand and his work, With Every Hour
Tim Fowler with his entry, Princess Leia

With singer, Anetha Hunt

Lousie Ellerington's, Equine Head Study in Red

Lizzy with Cank Street's Maryam

2016 winner, Christine Johnson-Hume, with this year's entry, on screen, Derry Crows in Flight

With mum, Christine Denoon

Lizzy, Paula Robinson & artist Max Berryman
Sue Graham with her paintings

2017 winner, Signpost at Burnham Deepdale, by Peter Clayton