Tuesday, 24 December 2013

T'was the Night before Christmas... so HAPPY HOLIDAY!!

Disasters Emergency Committee
Christmas is the only time of year you'll catch me talking on the topics of religion or politics.

So much horror has taken place in the world this past year; famine, disease, terror, disaster, war; the horsemen of the apocalypse are once again upon us.

Yet we ordinary souls can do much to prevent situations from worsening & help them to improve; our voices & our money can make a real difference. 

Time & again we've seen essential supplies provided through the Overseas Development Agencies & Non-Governmental Organisations of the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee), together with specialist organisations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, save hundreds of thousands of lives. But better still & more long-lasting, our raised voices can influence decision-makers & ensure wars & terror are brought to an end.

This Christmas I'll be contributing to the DEC, helping to support its work, world-wide. And I'll be hoping & praying for peace. I hope you will too.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS ONE AND ALL!! from Lizzy & Mitch x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Yuletide Exhibition comes to an end as Christmas approaches

'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide 
Art Exhibition at the 
Ellerington Gallery, Leicester
The Yuletide Art Exhibition at Ellerington's Gallery has been in full swing for two months. A good number of my family and friends have popped in over recent weeks and apparently enjoyed the experience, in particular the mix of drawings & Christmas goodies; skillfully made jewellery, beautifully colourful ceramics, delicate metalwork & luxurious fabrics gathered for the event.

Coming at it cold I'm rather impressed by the second of my drawings, of a wobbly Big Ben. It's fun - more fun than my drawing of Notre Dame, possibly because Big Ben is such a familiar structure. My 'Jelly' Ben now even makes me laugh! And as Louise says, one day someone will fall in love with it & buy it :)

Liz Hewitt's Gaudi-inspired drawing of
wobbly Big 'Jelly' Ben!

Lizzy Hewitt & her Gaudi-inspired drawing of
Notre Dame at 'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide Exhibition,
Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, Leicester
Arguably the most important corner
of the Yuletide Exhibition!

Ellerington Gallery looks warm & inviting,
 lit up to welcome Christmas visitors