Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Meet the Artist, 20 July

Howard & Margaret Barker & limited edition prints
Couldn't have been happier with my first Meet the Artist session at West End Gallery on Friday. Some 30-odd people came along, we made a number of sales and exhibition feedback was entirely, brilliantly, positive!
Thank you EVERYONE for coming!
(And there's still one painting to arrive!)

Christine Denoon

With so many of my artworks now located in the same place, friends & family have had the opportunity to see what I've achieved over recent years. Their wonderfully encouraging comments have provided perhaps the biggest thrill of all :)

Now all I have to do is to sell my original 'A Right Royal Street Party' water colour, limited edition prints & posters! If you'd like to know more click through to my 'Right Royal' sales page here.

Marlene Scott finds humour in A Right Royal Street Party

A cloud on the horizon is the worsening illness of my agent, who couldn't make the Meet the Artist event and is having to withdraw from other activities. 
It was my agent who came up with the idea for 'A Right Royal Street Party' and provided ideas for the exhibition ad poster and so much more besides.
I owe her and I hope she'll be around much longer!

Lizzy with Glen & Jacqui Tillyard
Mo Brown considers A Right Royal Street Party poster

Lizzy & Radio Daze
Lizzy & Jacqui Tillyard
Lizzy holds her end up with John Denoon
Lizzy's nibbles
No-one cares like mum! Lizzy & Christine Denoon
LH & Howard & Margaret Barker
Picture notes attract keen interest
Lizzy with West End Gallery's Gillian Geary
Mark Hewitt admires Radio Daze

Mo Brown & The Smith Family portrait
Suzanne Barnacle & her mum
Lizzy Hewitt, artist

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Exhibition starts 19 July, West End Gallery, Leicester

Appreciative audience, L-R, Les Rue, Bob & Pat Tichener and Mike King, from Hinckley

My agent and I visited Leicester's West End Gallery yesterday, to settle outstanding details in advance of my first ever exhibition which begins there on 19 July.
'A Right Royal Street Party' will be the centre of the exhibition, which also features a half dozen or so commissioned family & business portraits from the past couple of years.
It's the first time I've had more than a few of my artworks together in one place and it's a strange, having released them to the world, to have them together again. 
Odd, too, to see how my style has changed over a comparatively short time.
The Gallery was getting busy by the time we left, and to my surprise and pleasure a good deal of attention is already being paid to 'A Right Royal Street Party'.
Les Rue, Bob & Pat Tichener and Mike King from Hinckley were most enthusiastic & complementary about the painting.
I'll be mailing them exhibition invitations to my forthcoming Meet the Artist sessions, and they can bring their American visitors to share the fun! You can come too!
Details available tomorrow :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

'A Right Royal Street Party' - framed & displayed!

'A Right Royal Street Party' - framed & displayed

Here's a quick peek at the interior of Leicester's West End Gallery; spacious, light, airy and very smart. I'm incredibly lucky to be holding my exhibition here.
As you can see, my painting of the Royal Family's own Jubilee bash, 'A Right Royal Street Party' is at last framed and displayed. Recent family & business portraits arrive next week.
The quality prints taken from the painting are excellent; the paper & colour reproduction are great and I'm delighted with them. The same can't yet be said of the posters but we'll keep going until they too are true copies of the original.
It looks like my exhibition will begin mid-July as it's going to take that long to get the products ready to buy online. I'd like a bigger variety of products, maybe table mats or decorative tins, but they'll have to wait until sales justify consideration, my agent says!
I suppose it's true, setting up the exhibition is already costing quite a bit.