Sunday, 15 July 2012

Exhibition starts 19 July, West End Gallery, Leicester

Appreciative audience, L-R, Les Rue, Bob & Pat Tichener and Mike King, from Hinckley

My agent and I visited Leicester's West End Gallery yesterday, to settle outstanding details in advance of my first ever exhibition which begins there on 19 July.
'A Right Royal Street Party' will be the centre of the exhibition, which also features a half dozen or so commissioned family & business portraits from the past couple of years.
It's the first time I've had more than a few of my artworks together in one place and it's a strange, having released them to the world, to have them together again. 
Odd, too, to see how my style has changed over a comparatively short time.
The Gallery was getting busy by the time we left, and to my surprise and pleasure a good deal of attention is already being paid to 'A Right Royal Street Party'.
Les Rue, Bob & Pat Tichener and Mike King from Hinckley were most enthusiastic & complementary about the painting.
I'll be mailing them exhibition invitations to my forthcoming Meet the Artist sessions, and they can bring their American visitors to share the fun! You can come too!
Details available tomorrow :)