Lizzy's training in line drawing & illustration provide the essential backbone to all her work, no matter how amusing the angles or cartoon-like the images. Contrarywise her use of colour is entirely her own.

These examples of Lizzy's work come from a variety of sources & stages of development, from initial sketches to worked-up designs, from illustrations for books & magazines to completed commissions. See under for more information. Enjoy!

Illustrations from top:
1. Leicester Town Hall Square, 'Red Shoes', Leicester Tourism commission.
2. Initial architecture sketch for commissioned portrait.
3. Nico, magazine illustration.
4. Magazine illustration for children, Knickerbocker Glory.
5. The Farm, book & card illustration.
6. Magazine illustration for children, Ice Cream Sundae.
7. Stop Smoking NHS commission, painting & digital art. Various print works & online.
8. NHS commission characters. Various print works & online.
9. Leicester Town Hall with Lion, Leicester Tourism commission.
10.  The Farm Sheep, book & card illustration.
11. The Blue Cat is Almost Human, book commission.
12. Magazine illustration for children, Profiteroles.
13. Magazine commission, Girl on a Motorcycle (see Commissions page for early sketch)
14 & 15. Early & developed sketches for Indy, commissioned portrait (see Portraits page)