Monday, 18 May 2020

Flash back, pre Covid-19, Tim Fowler exhibition ‘IMPACT’, 8th-29th February 2020

Tim Fowler’s ‘Pop Art’ portraits are captured with fast energetic brush marks in a vibrant, rich colour palette.  He uses abstract shapes, bold marks and liberal strokes to create an essence of form.  I like his signature palette of pinks and blues that create a striking contrast between hot and cold on the canvas. 
Silver Screen legends and famous characters featured in the exhibition included Marilyn Monroe, Mohammed Ali and Malcolm X.  My favourite was Marilyn Monroe as I feel it exemplified her character, deciding to paint from a straight gaze with bold features gives a confident feel, but there is a tenderness in her eyes and the pink hues surrounding her; a combination of confidence and vulnerability.  The rapid, vibrant brush marks may add a psychologically chaotic nature to his portraits. Here are some photo's from the Private View.