Friday, 16 January 2015

The inspiring Katie Piper

Almost a year ago I read an incredible article in Hello magazine. It featured the tragic story of ex-model Katie Piper who seven years ago was the victim of rape and acid attack by a ex boyfriend.

Katie Piper featured in Hello magazine, 31.3.2014
At the age of just 24, Katie survived a brutal sulphuric acid assault, which almost claimed her life, causing savage burns to her face, neck, arms & hands and left severe scarring. The acid also blinded her in one eye.

Katie spent two months at London's Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in an induced coma, underwent more than 100 operations and still needs regular surgery. For two years Katie wore a plastic pressure mask for 23 hours a day as part of her treatment.

Having known other victims of violence I felt particularly strongly about Katie's horrific experience. I understood, as many victims can, the pain, violation & despair that comes about not only from an attack but also the end of Katie's life as she had previously known it.

'The attack ruined Katie from the inside out. Like many, she believed her life was over now that she was a 'burns victim', Hello magazine, March 2014.

In the intervening months, I followed Katie's story, read her autobiography & watched the Channel 4 documentary 'Katie: My Beautiful Face'. Throughout I admired her inspirational determination to re-build her life.

Katie Piper (from
After intensive burn rehabilitation in France, Katie established a Foundation to assist others with severe burns & her autobiography, translated into several languages, sold around the world. More personally she now has a loving boyfriend & beautiful baby daughter, Belle Elizabeth.

I believe Katie is an inspirational role model for our time, well deserving the title of 'Woman of the Year 2011' in The Pride of Britain Awards. I am delighted that following the horror she has had to endure that she has found both happiness & success.