Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Taking photos where the sky meets the earth; Beacon Hill

After a frantic month of exhibiting my paintings I've been taking photos once again this week. 
With such a view who can blame druids for worshiping from this site?
It was a joy to sell posters and prints of 'A Right Royal Street Party' but running around for 4 weeks, fetching, delivering, doing PR, none of which I'd anticipated being a part of the exhibition process, ate up time & money as fast as it became available. 
Anyway, I had a call from the Leicester Mercury photo desk and off I went to snap druids on Beacon Hill. So, in a matter of days I've moved from the Royals at Buckingham Palace to the Charnwood Grove of Druids at the Bronze Age site near Loughborough; all grist to the artistic mill.
PS The ceremony was also being filmed for TV's The Hairy Bikers. Look out for it on BBC later in the year.

The druid story picture as it appeared in the 25.9 Leicester Mercury

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Posters & Limited Edition prints remain available online!

The original of 'A Right Royal Street Party' for the moment remains at Leicester's West End Gallery. Despite many exhibition visitors the original unfortunately hasn't sold. Yet. But the good news is that more Limited Edition prints & posters were sold than expected AND I have a new commission to be getting on with, so I still have a smile on my face :)
All the borrowed, commissioned, business & family portraits have now been returned to their kind and generous owners. I'd like to thank each and every one of them for lending their pictures to my Leicester exhibition! Whilst I've thanked them all personally, this way I'm able to express my thanks publicly; as ever I'm deeply grateful to you all for all your support. Thank you.
Thanks too to all the friends, both old and new, who came along to the gallery to Meet the Artist. It was a real pleasure. Thank you for supporting my work and 'A Right Royal Street Party'. 
Limited Edition prints & posters of the artwork remain available online from the West End Gallery. (Click here.) If you're able to visit the gallery you can also purchase framed prints, expertly assembled by framer, Liam. See under.
As for the future, I'd very much like to show 'A Right Royal Street Party' at a gallery in London. How feasible this may be I don't yet know, but I'm making enquiries and will keep you posted. Meantime, fingers crossed!

Liam assembles...

...and the framed picture should look like this!

Friday, 14 September 2012

VIPs: artist Peter Welton & the sale of my first Limited Edition print!

I'm a big fan of Peter Welton, not just of the quality of his work but also of his work ethic and numerous achievements. He's what I'd like to be, a real professional artist! So it was great to have him drop into my West End Gallery exhibition and show his support. Thank you Peter!

Acclaimed Leicester artist, Peter Welton, with Lizzy Hewitt
Here's someone else who's really important, the lovely lady who purchased my first Limited Edition print of 'A Right Royal Street Party', Cherry Stevenson, with 7-year old granddaughter, Mae Stevenson.

Cherry Stevenson with granddaughter Mae & the first ever Limited Edition print sold!

Leslie & Maureen Gibbons, more 'Right Royal Street Party' fans

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

One month on & more visitor pics

It's already a month since my first ever exhibition, at Leicester's West End Gallery, came to an end. 
The business of being in exhibition was both exhilarating and exhausting; if I'd realised it beforehand, I'm not sure I'd have been so keen to go ahead.
No matter, one month on and fully recovered, I'm trying to repeat the exercise with an exhibition in London!
But I'm ahead of myself; in the last few days of the Leicester expo more friends and visitors popped in. So here, belatedly, are a few more pics:

Youbing Zhao enjoys the humour of Lizzy Hewitt's 'A Right Royal Street Party'

The original painting receives attention from Pedro Duarte 

 Leicester-based fine artist, Louise Ellerington, with 'A Right Royal Street Party'
Artist Lizzy Hewitt & Leicester hairdresser, Indy, 
with his business portrait, included in Lizzy's exhibition.