Thursday, 22 October 2015

Successful Special View at Leicester's Cank Street Gallery

What a fantastic evening we had at Cank Street Gallery on 15th of this month! The special view of the gallery's Open Exhibition for 2015 was wonderful and very different, with a wide variety of artworks by artists, sculptors & craftspeople from the Leicestershire area.

The range of work was genuinely fascinating, from tiny sculptures to large scale multi-media installations, still life, portraits, landscapes and abstracts available to purchase.

The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by the many people who attended, the friends, family & admirers of exhibitors, art buyers, local curators and the occasional celebrity.

Dayle Flude, the Gallery owner, was delighted with the turnout and with the friendly, positive atmosphere, which continued all evening. It was one of those parties where everyone was happy to be in attendance :)

Leicester's Cank Street Gallery's Open Exhibition remains open until the end of October.

A gratifying crowd at Cank Street Gallery special view on 15 October
Artist Lizzy Hewitt with gallery owner Dayle Flude 
With well known Leicester artist, Peter Welton
Lizzy with members of Cank Street Gallery staff
Lizzy Hewitt with fellow Leicester artist Louise Ellerington (2R)& friends

Lizzy and Max
Family resemblance? Lizzy Hewitt with mum
Christine Denoon

Lizzy's brother Mark & local jazz musician
Andrew Wood
Leicester hairdresser & art collector,
Indy, with Anetha & Lizzy Hewitt
Always admiring of Lizzy's artwork,
Glen & Jacqui Tillyard
Lizzy's friends Tim & Calvin demonstrate their support

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Lizzy's Art Showcase, Cank Street Gallery Open Expo, 6 - 31 October 2015

Lizzy Hewitt’s latest collection of architectural paintings go ON SALE at Leicester's Cank Street Gallery Open Exhibition, 6 - 31 October. The invitation-only Private View takes place on the evening of Thursday 15 October. The pictures are for sale from 6 October.

"This collection once again features Lizzy's signature style of street cool figures set in known yet quirkily whimsical city environments.

In Sacre Coeur, a strong yellow ochre sky shines over quivering church walls. In St Paul's, the perspective shifts to a position above the built environment where a blood red sky is made in brush strokes rendered with passion and energy.

After the undeniably quirky architecture, colour comes across as perhaps the primary focus of these paintings. Yet Lizzy has always enjoyed fashionably peopling her pictures, with characters in these artworks both crazed fashionistas and weirdly sober suburbanites.

Lizzy Hewitt's attention to detail & quality of line have always impressed and on this occasion her bold, powerful skies in sing-out shades of orange, turquoise and red, impassioned above vibrating buildings, prove she is moving ever more keenly towards her deserved 15 minutes of fame."

The Private View of Leicester's Cank Street Gallery Open Expo 2015 is 6.00 - 8.30pm on Thursday 15 October. The Open Exhibition runs from 6 - 31 October. Lizzy's paintings are ON SALE from 6 October.

Sacre Coeur, Paris, yellow ochre sky. By Lizzy Hewitt.
Notre Dame, Paris, turquoise sky. By Lizzy Hewitt.

Notre Dame, Paris, orange sky. By Lizzy Hewitt.
St Paul's, London, blood red sky. By Lizzy Hewitt.

Lizzy working on Notre Dame, orange sky.