Thursday, 12 February 2015

An experimental journey

I'm sometimes asked how the style of my artwork came about & how it changes over time. Sadly there's no short answer to what is a lifetime's evolutionary process!

Lizzy Hewitt's early stage artwork of Sacre Coeur for Leicester's Cank Street Gallery expo in June 2015

At the moment I'm working on a series of pieces for The Cank Street Gallery, Leicester, where I'll be exhibiting my work in June. This latest collection is an urban sketchbook of (worldwide) architecture which incorporates some of the world's most remarkable buildings.
Sketch of 3 women eating, one aspect of Sacre Coeur

I have always been interested in architecture, just as I have long been influenced by fashion, drama, graffiti art, Japanese lino cuts, cartoons & the like. But my work also reflects my absorption of the fine artists, Van Gogh, Gaudi, Picasso & others.

Lizzy Hewitt's early Sacre Coeur sketch
My work has been a melding & fusion of all of these people & styles but of no one in particular. My own 'style' comes about as a result of these influences subsequently evolving my own voice & my own message with experience & over time.

So artwork produced 10 years ago differs from that of 5 years ago & the work of tomorrow will be different from that of today. That is the role of the artist, to reflect the events & circumstances of life & in doing so to put one's individual message out there.

Lately I have caught the attention of Gabriel Campanario's 'The Art of Urban Sketching' published by Quarry books. Through it I have found an entirely new online community with featured artists,

Once again I'll be going on an 
experimental journey, utilising modern 
printing techniques to make several 
versions of a single drawing.
Woman & Dog

I hope to produce prints in a variety of media 
in a limited colour palette brought together 
by bold defining lines.

To perhaps simplify the objective, I'm aspiring 
to create a modern interpretation of a classical 
architectural drawing but incorporating fashion 
& other modern styles; a real fusion of drama, 
both quirky and unique. So watch out for more 
joyful masterpieces in the months to come!

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