Friday, 14 September 2012

VIPs: artist Peter Welton & the sale of my first Limited Edition print!

I'm a big fan of Peter Welton, not just of the quality of his work but also of his work ethic and numerous achievements. He's what I'd like to be, a real professional artist! So it was great to have him drop into my West End Gallery exhibition and show his support. Thank you Peter!

Acclaimed Leicester artist, Peter Welton, with Lizzy Hewitt
Here's someone else who's really important, the lovely lady who purchased my first Limited Edition print of 'A Right Royal Street Party', Cherry Stevenson, with 7-year old granddaughter, Mae Stevenson.

Cherry Stevenson with granddaughter Mae & the first ever Limited Edition print sold!

Leslie & Maureen Gibbons, more 'Right Royal Street Party' fans