Saturday, 26 October 2013

Louise Ellerington, 'Strange Imaginings' & Simon the Framer

'Strange Imaginings' Yuletide
Art Exhibition at the
Ellerington Gallery, Leicester
Louise Ellerington is a well established & inspiring Leicester figurative artist who has recently set up her own gallery, Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, on Clarendon Park Road, just around the corner from my home.

I've long admired Louise's ethereal, renaissance style paintings presented in a modern light. I see her as a 'real' painter, although she laughs at the idea! So I'm flattered by Louise's wish to include my work in her new gallery's first Yuletide Exhibition.

In turns out the exhibition is going to be a bigger deal that I'd thought; it features the mystical work of notable & award-winning illustrator, Wayne Anderson, plus Luke Farookhi and includes mainly drawings but also jewellery & Christmas gifts.

With only a few artists chosen to exhibit, I was honoured to be asked and went away to create a Gaudi-inspired Notre Dame Cathedral & Big Ben, drawings I'd previously begun but never had the inclination to develop further.

Then it was a mad dash to Leicester's 'Simon the Framer' to get the pictures into an exhibitable state and down to the gallery. As always, simple framing improves the appearance of the drawings immeasurably. Thanks, Simon!

The Yuletide Exhibition runs until Christmas Eve. Full details & Louise's work can be found at

The Ellerington Fine Art Gallery, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester,
location of the Yuletide Exhibition which runs until Christmas Eve.
Leicester's Simon the Framer mounts & frames Lizzy's
exhibition drawing. With permission.

Lizzy with her framed, Gaudi-inspired drawing of Notre Dame Cathedral