Friday, 17 February 2012

Loughborough's Anti-Smoking & Anti-Paan Chewing campain launch

With Zahida Niazi & Bilkis Hussain from the NHS.
I've had a busy time with photography jobs lately but midweek, dressed for the cold weather, Max & I drove to Loughborough for the launch of the most recent NHS Anti-Smoking & Anti-Paan Chewing campaigns. 
Considering the limited turnaround time (I blogged about getting the contract on 4 Jan), the finished artwork looked pretty good on display at the Moira Centre.
With me in the pic are Zahida Niazi, Smoking Cessation Specialist (left), & Bilkis Hussain, Smokeless Tobacco Expert (centre) from Leicestershire NHS.
The health campaigns are targeting Loughborough's Bangladeshi community & the posters & pamphlets are already available in GP surgeries & community centres across the town.