Monday, 13 August 2012

The end of the beginning & the start of something new

A  lot of lovely people have visited my first exhibition at Leicester's West End Gallery over the past 4 weeks. THANKS to everyone who's dropped in, especially to those who bought posters and prints of 'A Right Royal Street Party'!

Just coming along to my Meet the Artist sessions, to enthuse, encourage, look and laugh was truly inspiring!
THANK YOU ALL!! It was great meeting you!

On Saturday 19.8. the exhibition officially ends, so if you haven't already done so you've just a few days left to visit! What the end of the expo means for me, aside from new commissions, I don't yet know. With the extra confidence you've given me these past weeks, I do know it's going to be exciting!

Sadly, though not without warning, my agent's ill-health is causing her to withdraw from helping me. We were planning much more together and we're both disappointed. She reminds me always that those of us with good health shouldn't take it for granted.

But she would be first to insist that I continue my artwork and I'll be doing just that, knowing she's urging me on, still at the end of the phone. It's the end of the beginning and maybe also the start of something new, unknown and hopefully challenging!

In the meantime here are a few pictures of yet more wonderful exhibition visitors from the past week. Onwards and upwards.

Alison Smith & her daughters in front of their commissioned family portrait (L)

From Leicester, Jo Griffiths & her family
A Right Royal Street Party attracts yet more attention :)

There! There! There!